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Quincy is changing, but poverty hangs on

As Reported by Jill Terreri Ramos, Boston Globe Correspondent: Poverty is not very visible among Quincy’s newly built apartments and condominiums and increasingly expensive single-family homes. Yet slightly over 10 percent of the city’s residents live at or below the...

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Despite booming economy, poverty persists on South Shore

As reported by Neal Simpson, Patriot Ledger: Times are good on the South Shore: The economy is booming, growing companies are scrambling to find enough workers and the unemployment rate is hovering somewhere under 3 percent. And yet one in 10 people in Quincy continue...

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As I See It: A way forward on a road to opportunity

An opinion piece in the Worcester Telegram, written by Jill C. Dagilis, WCAC: How does a community pave a road to economic opportunity and self-sufficiency for area residents? Early last month, Worcester Community Action Council, Inc. joined our Community Action...

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Fighting poverty as federal aid dwindles

As reported by Keith Eddings, The Eagle-Tribune: Leaders of several of the region's anti-poverty programs on Tuesday predicted a dire future for the poor as President Trump and Congress begin cutting funding for the programs to pay for the tax cut they recently...

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Forum Looks at Impact of Public Programs on Poverty in Lawrence

Public Programs Cut Child Poverty by More than Half, According to New Report on Poverty in Massachusetts Report Commissioned by MASSCAP and Written by MassBudget Looks at “Obstacles on the Road to Opportunity: Finding a Way Forward Together”  Forum Looks at Impact of...

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