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Asset Development: Removing Barriers, Building Futures (June 2009) (Massachusetts Asset Development Commission)
Full Report (PDF)

Workforce Development: Workforce Development Needs of Owners and Their Employees (March 2006) (Report from the Minority-owned Small Business Assistance Project)
Full Report (PDF)

Workforce Development Resource Guide: Establishing Effective Workforce Development Programs for Community Action Agencies and Other Community-Based Organizations in Massachusetts (November 2004)
Full Report (PDF)

Workforce Development Materials: Case Studies (September 2003)
Immigrant Small Business in Lowell, Massachusetts:
Workforce Development Needs of Owners and Their Employees (2008)

Full Report (pdf)

Workforce Development Case Studies and Other Materials:
Using a Self-Sufficiency Continuum as a Framework for Workforce Development (2003)

Research & Evaluation Brief (pdf)

Case Study Report (pdf)

Program Profiles (pdf)

Workbook on Using the Self-Sufficiency Continuum Framework (pdf)

Slide Presentation Based on the Case Study Report (ppt)

Digital Economy, Opportunity Divide:
Facts & Strategic Initiatives by Massachusetts CAAs (2001)

Full Report (pdf)
(Not currently available online. Request a copy.)

Making the Transition:
A Report on the Workforce Investment Activities and Programs of CAAs in Massachusetts (2000)

Full Report (html)

Crossing the Digital Divide:
A Report on the Information Technology Needs, Capacities, and Initiatives of CAAs in Massachusetts (1999)

Executive Summary (html)
Full Report (html) (Appendices not included)
Full Report (pdf) (Appendices not included)
(Not currently available online.)

Running in Place (1997)
Full Report (PDF)