Low Income Residents to Receive Free Tax Preparation

Jan 27, 2017

As reported by Sy Becker, 22 News WWLP:

Free help is available for thousands of families that need to file their taxes. At the Springfield Partners for Community Action, an anti-poverty agency in Mason Square, tax-savvy volunteers help low income families prepare their tax forms.

Without this program, father of three Orlando Montes told 22News, tax preparation cost him $300.

“Ever since then, when I found out about this program, I came here. Those 300 bucks, it cost my kids,” Montes said.

“Volunteers learn the tax process, and they (the families) deserve the process free,” said Paul Bailey, Executive Director of the Springfield Partners for Community Action.

“It rewards work, that’s the big takeaway,” said Congressman Richard Neal (D-Springfield). “Individuals who go to work every day and play by the rules.”

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