Share a Success Story

MASSCAP and Community Action Agencies expand economic opportunity by helping folks start and grow businesses, pay their heating bills, provide affordable and quality child care, go to college, own a home and save for their economic futures. Have you had a personal experience with helping a client who has benefited from a community action initiative?

Submit a story by answering the questions below to help raise awareness about how important these programs are to low-income communities across the country. After you click submit, we will review it and then publish it in the MASSCAP Success Stories Page. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact MASSCAP’s Communications team.

Potential story ideas include:

  • Taxpayers using VITA tax programs to maximize their tax benefits.
  • Clients who were helped by recieving fuel assistance.
  • Savers using IDA programs to save for a home or higher education
  • Examples of integrations between programs (i.e. a taxpayer who found out about college savings programs through her VITA tax preparer)
  • Examples of families getting out of debt and building savings through the help of a financial education course
  • Children and parents who have opened college savings accounts and have made their first contributions or reached important milestones
  • Low income individuals who have received savings and financial education through their public benefit programs
  • Examples of MASSCAP’s role in providing technical assistance that benefited your organization’s goals of promoting anti-poverty initiatives an helping clients achieve self-sufficiency.